1 Simple Trick to Turn Online Visitors Into Paying Customers

“If people like you, they’ll listen to you. But if they trust you, they’ll do business with you.”—Zig Ziglar


So you’re launching a new product or service online and are hoping to automate your sales process. You decide that you’ll make your sales copy general enough to apply to everyone—that way everyone can relate to it and you can maximize conversion rates.


Bad move—this is probably the worst approach you can take.


Chances are that your product or service appeals the most to a select group of individuals. This simple trick in writing sales copy will teach help you better market to your audience to increase conversions and turn visitors into loyal customers.


Identify your perfect customer.


The reason why most marketers fail at this is they focus on selling to everyone, or at least to most people.  What’s wrong with this approach? Not only is everyone else doing the exact same thing, but your message won’t resonate with your core audience. Taking just a few minutes to write out the specifics of your ideal customer is one of the most powerful things you can do.


If you sell high quality lawnmowers, for example, you might come up with something like, “Our ideal customer is Joe. Joe is in his early 40’s and works as a plumber. He has two kids and a loving wife who keep him busy at home. He’s handy and takes ownership of repairs and renovations around the house. He loves the smell of fresh cut grass and finds that the alone time he spends mowing the lawn really relaxes him—it’s his escape from the day-to-day grind. Joe prides himself on having the best lawn in the neighborhood and finds that having a high quality lawnmower with custom height levels makes this easier for him.”


Why is this exercise so important? Because now we know Joe’s selling points and can communicate in a way that will allow us to really connect with him on a personal level—something that often separates online marketing from true human contact.


Our previous form of sales copy may have said something along the lines of, “Our LM2000 lawnmowers are truly built to last. They’re made of lightweight recycled aluminum and rubber handles to make those tough Sunday afternoons on the lawn easier to handle (pun intended). Your lawn will be cut in no time with the LM2000.”


Now that we know more about our ideal customer, our copy may say something like, “Our premium line of LM2000 lawnmowers are built for the man who loves the smell of freshly cut grass and doesn’t settle for average when it comes to his lawn. Our newly designed and patented handcrafted blades will cut through your grass like butter while the customizable height settings will make it easy to stripe your lawn. Having the best lawn on the block has never been easier”


In the first version, we covered off points that might seem important, but that Joe, our ideal customer, probably doesn’t care about. We focused on making the chore of cutting your own lawn a bit easier which is the opposite of what Joe may want.


In the second version, we focused on Joe’s X-Factors. We made him think about the smell of freshly cut grass. We showed him that we offer a premium line. Our blades are newly designed and patented—they’re exclusive and give him an upper hand over his neighbors. We illustrated that he can design stripes and have the best lawn on the block with our lawnmower.


Be sure to follow this simple step and you’ll find a major different in the depth of connection you build with your target audience.