The Battle Between the Three Personalities of an Entrepreneur

In the E-Myth (Entrepreneur Myth) by Michael E. Gerber, the author states that every Entrepreneur has three personalities—The Manager, The Technician, and The Entrepreneur. Each follows a different protocol and each takes over at one time or another—very similar to the movie Inside Out (hence the above image).

The Manager is pragmatic—it wants to organize. It will go out and buy dozens of boxes and binders and colour-code everything in sight. Without the Manager, there would be chaos, but The Manager also lives in the past. The Manager builds a house and lives in it forever.

The Technician wants to get to work—it lives in the present. It has no time for organization because there’s work to be done. Customer orders need to get shipped out, invoices need to be paid, and sales need to be made. The Technician is the livelihood of the small business because it is the small business. When a business starts as a one-man show, The Technician needs to keep working in order for the business to keep working. The Technician brings in all of the business and all of the cash, but alone, or even with The Manager, the business will not grow.

The Entrepreneur is the visionary, the dreamer. It is the energy behind the business. It works in the most abstract ways that The Manager cannot understand or even bear—but it is what moves the company in the right direction and causes growth. The Entrepreneur creates the difference between a business that requires its owner in order to function and a business that continues to operate, even without the presence of its owner. The Entrepreneur creates the true freedom that business owners desire when going into business.

These three personalities are in a constant battle for control—yet they need each other to build and operate a successful business. So the next time you find yourself wondering whether you should be spending your time organizing, rushing through emails or dreaming about the future you’ll have a better objective look on where these thoughts are coming from and how to handle them.

Navid Amin is Recruitment Consultant at RMSG in Toronto, Canada. Navid helps clients through designing and implementing hiring initiatives. He is passionate about sales, marketing and technology. Connect with him on LinkedIn at and follow him on Twitter at @Navid_Amin.