Don’t wing it. Be prepared.

One of my first interviews was for a sales role with a copier equipment company. I had made it to the final stages and was pretty confident of my chances of securing the role. Maybe TOO confident. The final interview was a panel interview with the president, VP sales and the sales manager who first interviewed me. It started off well with talk about my education background and interests then it went off the rails when the president asked, “So, what have you learned about us?” Nothing. Zero. I bumped around trying to give some lame answer about their copiers and the people I briefly met in the hallways and ride along during earlier stages. I sounded like a child when he/she gets caught in a lie.

Job seekers, always #PREP before every interview. Never ever wing it and assume that the job is “good as yours”.  By preparing for the interview, you are demonstrating to the hiring manager, recruiter and/or company that you are prepared, professional and COMMITTED to the process. You’re showing you GIVE A DAMN.

You should know and be ready to discuss in detail:

> Your experience

> Your accomplishments

> The responsibilities of the position you are applying

> Information and history about the company e.g. their product lineup

> Why you want to work there

> Why you are an ideal candidate for the position

> If possible, information on the person interviewing you

> Your compensation range

> QUESTIONS you have for the interviewer (this is a MUST)

Don’t wing it. Be prepared.

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