Do I have to pay for recruitment?


  • No, as a candidate you are not to pay us any fees. All recruitment fees are paid by our clients; companies that are seeking top talent.


How long does it take?


  • Every role is different and can take a different duration of time to fill. Many factors such as technicality, number of positions available, availability of hiring managers, and company deadlines come into play – we appreciate your patience while we do everything in our power to place you in the role you have been selected for as a candidate.


Will someone call me if I submit a resume?


  • Due to the high volume of resumes we receive, RMSG will only contact you if your profile closely matches our requirements.


How do I boost my chances?


  • To boost your chances, make sure you are applying for a position that is a “right fit”. Tailor your resume and cover letter to the position if need be and aim to explain why your skills and accomplishments closely match the role we are seeking to fill.


Can you get me a job?


  • As Recruiters, our role is to help our clients (hiring companies) place candidates in roles they are seeking to fill. Unlike Employment Agencies, our role is not to find jobs for candidates. However, if your profile closely matches a role we are recruiting for, then our interests are highly aligned.


Why should I work with a Recruiter?


  • Working with a Recruiter has several benefits. First, we are usually hiring for multiple roles, all of which may interest you. Second, we offer coaching. As our candidate, we will do all that we can to ensure your resume looks great and that you perform at your best on the interview. Lastly, your candidacy will have far greater reach. When applying for a job directly with a hiring company, your candidacy will expire once the role has been filled. However, when working with a Recruiter, you may be contact in the future for many others roles that may interest you.