Human Resources Consulting

HR4U: On-Call Human Resource Advice and Guidance

As you grow and manage your business, Human Resources becomes more and more key to providing a healthy, sustainable and desirable work environment.

Who do you turn to though when you need help with employee relations, questions about labour legislation, payroll advice, health and safety, etc?

That’s where we come in. HR4U, our on-call HR advice and guidance service designed specifically for small-medium sized businesses.

What is HR4U?

  • A subscription based service.
  • Companies call for HR advice and consulting.
  • Designed for companies with no HR department or individual.
  • Helps companies be proactive rather than reactive with HR issues and topics.
  • Protect the company against HR litigation from partners, employees and suppliers.
  • Companies learn how to be “employers of choice”.
  • Service can also be used by employees to understand their HR rights e.g. “How many sick days am I entitled to?”

Some of the HR topics we help companies with include but are not limited to:

Employee Relations

• Questions and legislation surrounding employee terminations, verbal warnings, written warnings

• How to handle certain scenarios. For example, lateness, performance issues, etc.

Performance Management

• How to manage poor performance

• How to conduct performance review meetings

• How to draft a performance plan and when is one necessary

• What should be included in a performance plan

• Coaching/training


• Notice Pay and severance pay

• Employee entitlement during the notice period

• Vacation Pay

• Car allowance

• Bonuses and commissions


• What is required by law, for example, ESA posters must be posted in plain sight

• Health and Safety policies

Our Fee and Terms:

  • $300 a month (Payable by post dated cheque, credit card or e-transfer)
  • Companies commit to a minimum 1-year subscription
  • Subscribing companies will be given a 1-800 toll free number to call from anywhere in North America.
  • Subscribing companies can also seek out help through email.
  • If a company requires onsite or physical help such as writing HR policies, an hourly consulting fee will be negotiated.
  • All calls will be answered by fully certified CHRL HR experienced professionals.

Professional HR advice, knowledge and guidance.

On call and at your service.

Professional certified HR advice. Business peace of mind.

Contact an HR4U consultant:
Phone: 888.650.3975 (Toll-free in North America) | Email:

Visit the HR4U website at: