Interview Coaching

Do you find yourself: 

  • Nervous or feeling unprepared prior to your meeting? 
  • Rambling while answering? 
  • Drawing a blank when trying to come up with examples of your work or describing certain situations?
  • Misunderstanding the questions being asked? 
  • Not having any fun and wishing you were not there? 


If you answered “YES!” to one or more of these, you are likely letting opportunities pass by as a direct result of not being prepared.


Our Professional Profile packages will provide you with all the tools you need to ace every interview.




How can we help?


Our Interview Coaching program will give you more confidence, clear concise answers and above all, the best chance at landing your dream career!


During your 1 on 1 session either at our GTA offices, or by web meeting with a Senior Consultant, we will share with you how to:


  1. Make the Right First Impression
  2. Sell Yourself Without Bragging
  3. Know What Questions to Expect
  4. Create a Bond with the Interviewer
  5. Make the Right Moves – Before, During and After the Interview


What are Interviewers looking for?

Interview Coaching
This is your moment. This is your time to shine!

There are six critical areas your interviewer will be considering – our Interview Coaching program is designed to help handle and respond to all.


1. Are you prepared?

  • We teach you what to research for your interview and how.
  • How to look the part according to the industry and company you are interviewing.
  • How to make the right first impression.


2. How do you answer their questions?

We have found that most questions can be answered effectively using our Opening, Body and Conclusion format. 


How and why you need to set the tone.


How and why you need to provide the details of your roles, responsibilities and/or projects.


How and why you need to conclude every interview answer by promoting and selling yourself. This is the most important part to any answer.


3. How do you present yourself/Are you a fit for their company?

  • Why it is important to be mindful of your body language, tone, eye contact and expression.
  • Why you need to tell your story with confidence, passion and pride, and how to do it.
  • Learn how to answer “Why did you leave your last employer?”


4. Do you have any questions for her/him?

  • Why you need to be prepared to ask questions.
  • What questions to ask.
  • The two most important questions to ask your interviewer.


5. Your follow-up

  • The importance of following-up with your interviewer and how to follow-up.
  • How to handle rejection.


6. References

  • Why you need to provide references, who do you ask and how to prep them.

Our guarantee: If you do not land a new job in 90 days after our coaching, we will give you another coaching session at no charge.

Thank you for the great coaching services you provided to me. You helped me to prepare for my interview well and as a result of that I went in with confidence and a plan. You took the time to listen, critique when necessary and to provide me with constructive feedback. I am grateful for the effort and attentiveness you gave to me each time we had a session. I would definitely use you again for the coaching services you provided for me. Thanks again.” (Job Interview Coaching Client)





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