Interview Coaching


Interview Coaching


There are six critical areas your interviewer will be considering – our Interview Coaching program is designed to help handle and respond to all.

Through our 1 on 1 Interview Coaching program, we will thoroughly cover:

  1. Interview preparation.
    • How and what to research for you interview.
  2. How to answer interview questions.
    • Opening, body and conclusion.
  3. How to present yourself as a fit for the company.
    • Body language, effective story telling, effectively explaining previous resignations.
  4. How to ask your own questions.
    • Why you need to ask questions and what questions to ask.
  5. How to follow up.
    • The importance of following up and how to handle rejection.
  6. References best practices.
    • Why you need references, who to ask, and how to prep your references.

Our guarantee: If you do not land a new job in 90 days after our coaching, we will give you another coaching session at no charge.

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