“Experience is a hard teacher because she gives the test first, the lesson afterward.” ~ Vernon Law


Happy New Year! I hope you had a restful and enjoyable Holiday with family and friends. 2016 was the 13th year of business for RMSG and we are thankful to have been in business for such a period. Looking back there were many ups and downs like any other year and many lessons to be learned.

Here are my Recruitment Lessons learned in 2016:

  • Back to basics – In 2016, software and tech companies offering different solutions to help us recruit approached us. We took a look at and tried video interviewing, automated research, mobile text job alerts, revamped job boards and others. In the end, what worked for us was has always worked best for us – the phone. With all the tech advancements out there, nothing beats making connections with candidates and prospects than the telephone.

  • Tech in recruitment – That being said, there were some tech tools we started using in 2016 that blew us away. I will post another blog about the ones I liked most but some of the ones that stand out that you may wish to consider for your own recruitment and sales needs are IO for email mining, Prophet for profile finding and LinkedIn Recruiter (I know many of my 3rd party brethren probably cry blasphemy at that one but it has been good in many searches. Sorry not sorry.)

  • Continuous training ­– I’ve been recruiting for a long time and still have much to learn. Some of the best recruitment training presentations I watched and listened to came from industry experts like Irina Shamaeva, Scott Love and Greg Doersching to name just a few. Never stop learning.

  • Move fast when hiring – Hiring companies still don’t understand or believe that it is a very competitive hiring market right now. In 2016, we saw far too many offers come too late and at times, too low in their offerings.

  • LinkedIn needs to clean up – I love LinkedIn for recruiting, networking, sales and gathering info. I really do but it needs to clean up much of its content. LinkedIn is for BUSINESS not for posting picture of your newborn son, of your upcoming wedding or brainteaser games. None of that.

  • Truly a global economy – In 2016, we recruited for clients and candidates across North America, Europe and Asia. There are no more borders when it comes to partnering and doing business.

  • Just say no – A tough lesson to learn and one that is revisited year after year is turning down business that is difficult to fulfill or candidates that cannot be placed by us. As recruiters, we need to acknowledge our limitations and say no to clients AND candidates we cannot help. We can give advice and referrals out of the goodness of our hearts but in 2016, there were many times we should have simply said, “No, thanks.”


2016 started slow for us with fewer placements than we had forecasted and had done in years past but that changed towards the end of the year and now 2017 is already off to a strong start. My final lesson is that with so much opportunity and growth around us – an exciting year lies ahead for all.


I wish you all the best and continued success in 2017!



Darryl Dioso is Senior Lead Recruiter and a Job Interview Coach at RMSG ( in Toronto, Canada. For close to 20 years, Darryl has been helping clients improve through designing, implementing and managing hiring initiatives, operational improvements, and HR processes. He is passionate about business, technology, sports, travel and most of all – his family. Connect with him on LinkedIn at and follow him on Twitter at @DarrylRMSG