A REMINDER as to what recruiters do and whom we work for.

I am always amazed and at the same time, dismayed by how many messages I get asking, “Please get me a job.”

That’s not what recruiters whether 3rd party or even in-house do.

It’s not. We work on behalf of hiring managers and companies to fill THEIR vacancies.

What you are seeking if you need someone to get you a job is a Career Placement Counsellor or Job Seeker Consultant (or something like that).

Not a recruiter.

Does that mean you shouldn’t reach out to recruiters?

Heavens no. Please do.

But, approach us with messages like “I am a Sales Executive with over 10 years of business development success, I was enquiring to see if you are working on any assignments that I could be considered for.”  Something like that.

I can’t get you a job (how would that billing model even work?) but I can definitely consider you for a role (if you’re a good fit).

Work with me by understanding how I work first.


All the best and much success in your career search.

Darryl Dioso (Managing Partner, RMSG)