Stop Searching for Talent and Start Attracting It Instead

If there were no need to for finding the top talent out in the marketplace, then us Recruiters would all be out of work. There obviously is a time and place for finding the perfect VP of Sales or even Administrative Assistant for your company, but often time’s companies fail to notice whether or not they’re actually an attractive option to outside candidates.

The Look in the Mirror

It’s tough to judge how attractive your company is because clearly, you’re in it. You’re swimming in the Kool-Aid and drinking it too. Regardless, there are some red flags that you should be able to recognize. For example, if you find that candidates are extremely interested in a vague job description you’ve posted online or have communicated to them verbally, then seem totally uninterested when learning more about the company and the opportunity, your offering might not be so great after all. If you’re having a hard time judging yourself or your company, have a peer, or better yet, a total stranger give you some constructive criticism.

Us Recruiters spend a fair share of time on job boards and unfortunately, we often see the same companies posting the same openings over and over again without making any changes to the description, salary, perks, or any other aspect. As we all know, doing the same thing over and over again expecting a different result is referred to as insanity. Would you list your house on the market over and over again at the same price expecting it to sell? Of course not! You would lower the price, make some renovations—the point is you would change something. When a house is listed on the market for too long without being sold, it gains a negative stigma—buyers begin to think there’s something wrong with it and now may not want it even if you did lower the price. A house you can get rid of, but a company you plan on keeping and growing, so why lower it’s value?

Think of recruiting talent like dating. You can run around chasing dates but sooner or later, they’ll leave you if they find out you weren’t being the real you. But focus on becoming and offering exactly what the best candidates are looking for, and they’ll stay with you in sickness and in health, until death do you part.

Navid Amin is Recruitment Consultant at RMSG in Toronto, Canada. Navid helps clients through designing and implementing hiring initiatives. He is passionate about sales, marketing and technology. Connect with him on LinkedIn at and follow him on Twitter at @Navid_Amin.