The Bigger Picture

A previous candidate of mine turned down a sales role with a medical equipment company for the simple reason that the role was paying less than another offer he had received. $5k less to be exact. Not a lot when you annualize it and take away taxes (which in Ontario, Canada can be quite high) but he wasn’t being swayed. He wanted more money. He wanted to be at a level that he believed his friends and peers were at. He believed in his “net worth”. I tried to have him look at the BIGGER PICTURE of the offer:
> The culture. Did you like the people you met during your interviews?
> Flexibility. Did they allow you to work from home? Come in during non-traditional business hours when needed?
> Benefits. Did they give more than the standard 2 weeks? Did they provide full medical coverage?
> Other perks. Do they allow pets? Do they have a casual Friday?
> The products. Was it a product/solution you could stand behind? Was it innovative?
> The role itself. Was it challenging? Was there a career plan laid out for growth?
> Development. Would you receive ongoing training and mentorship?
All of these factors I discussed and my client’s offering beat the other company on but that difference in money was all he could see. He took the other job.
Fast forward several months and I get a call, “You were right. I’m miserable here. Do you have any other opportunities I could look at?”
Money is important for sure but don’t let it be the main and only criteria you look at when accepting an offer. Look at the BIGGER PICTURE and scrutinize the offer and company as a whole.

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