What’s Your Greatest Weakness?

“What’s your greatest weakness?”

When an interviewer asks this, my best advice is to always be HONEST and DON’T FLAKE OUT with your answer. Tell them the TRUTH as to what your greatest challenge is professionally. For example, talk about how you get nervous with public speaking or that you take on too many projects or you sometimes take a rejection in sales too personally. These are all good examples and what I as a recruiter and many hiring managers are looking for. We’re looking for self reflection. After giving your weakness, always tell them what you are doing to eliminate or correct this weakness. This spins it to a positive and shows your commitment to continuous IMPROVEMENT. But, please don’t FLAKE OUT with your answer. Don’t say that you are “weak at Excel” when interviewing for a writing role or that you “love desserts too much” (actual response given to me one time btw). Be real. Be vulnerable. Take some time to reflect and really share with your interviewer what your weakness is and how you are addressing it.

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